Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wheat Penny, Say What?

In over six months of picking up dirty coins I never came across a wheat penny. Until today. On 12th Street just next to University I crouched over to retrieve a penny from a wide and filthy crack in the sidewalk to find that it was a wheat penny dated 1953, and the 6th found cent of the day.

Later, in SoHo, I found another penny of the modern variety.

Total haul today (including nickel from earlier) = .07


Anonymous said...

I think a Wheat Penny is worth double!

Also, I'm not sure what month your penny was made, but for argument's sake, let's say it was made on1/25/53. A birthdate of 1/25/53 means your penny has already had a longer life than Jack Ruby (by 112 days).

Congrats, Mr. Wheat Penny!

Mame said...

Hi Joe!

Joe said...

Hi Mame!

Gee, how did you know it was me?