Sunday, August 31, 2008

One is Better than None

During the evening dog walk through Union Square we stopped to watch the sword-swallowers, flame-tossers, and break-dancers. In the throng we found a penny on the paving stones. Beats coming home empty handed.

This is the dude we saw only it was dark when we saw him so the flame was much brighter. I guess those guys have a low rate of gingivitis? Photo courtesy of Promaine on Flickr.

Total haul today = .01

TOTAL to date = $10.62

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Roller Coaster!

Hot vs. Cold, Drought vs. Deluge - what's going on? August has been a wacky month for Found Money. Yesterday and so far today - nothing but goose eggs. But I have big hope for tonight. I'll be going out where people drink and that's often a good place to find what someone else has lost.

p.s. This is image is titled "Pedal Roller Coaster" and I think I see some people pedaling a little cab on the tracks. Does that mean that you pedal yourself up to the top before coasting? That would be fun. I think this is in Japan.

The drunks didn't drop any sawbucks for me but I did find a penny when I took my dog out for a whiz before I left for the evening. I may not have found a ton of cash, but I sure had a nice time out tonight.

Total haul for the day = .01

TOTAL to date = $10.61

Thursday, August 28, 2008

He Ain't Heavy

He's just one penny. Found on Broadway by a garbage can between Bleecker and Bond. Now I just need to find a nickel or dime so I can break the yo-yo pattern.

So far today, hoping for an update later = .01

TOTAL to date = $10.60

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Seems like I'm finding one or zero pennies one day and about 12 or 13 cents the next. Yesterday - nothing. Today, one penny in a cab, one penny at Prince near Broadway, and a dime in the middle of Bond Street at Lafayette. All before noon. And then nothing the rest of the day. Weird!

The dime, by the way, was between cobblestones in the street and it was covered on one side in mortar or something and the next side was completely tarnished so it was well disguised. But not well enough for me to miss.

Total haul for the day = .12
Late dog-walking find = .01

TOTAL to date = $10.59

I'm in the mood to find a manila envelope with about fifty grand worth of c-notes in it tomorrow.

August 26th

Another no money day - what's up!? I guess I wasn't out and about as much as usual, but still coming up with a zero for the day is not normal.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


August 25, 2008

One penny found spinning at the doorway of 347 5th Avenue - directly across the street from the Empire State Building.

Total haul for the day = .01

TOTAL to date = $10.46

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Get Paid to Walk Your Own Dog

It's not the best paying job in town, but I got a penny for walking my money-pit critter this morning. One penny found in Union Square near the George Washington sculpture. Right near where I found an emo button.

Total haul today = .01

TOTAL to date = $10.45

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baker's Dozen

Walgreen's should advertise that it gives away free money with prescriptions. I found a dime on the floor near the pharmacy counter and a penny at the front door. Add a penny from the pastry shop and another penny on the floor at the Staple's Union Square check-out and you're looking at 13 cents. Almost enough to make up for the last couple of days' drought.

Total haul for the day = .13

TOTAL to date = $10.44


More than 48 hours and no free clams? Wassup? It's not like I was bedridden the last two days. I was out there hoofing it like every other New Yorker who loves a beautiful day. I walked through the Lower East side, the East Village, up and down lower Madison Avenue, Union Square Park and more.

Could it be that everyone has spent their Economic Stimulus checks and now we're all back to counting pennies and clipping coupons? No way, man. This is New York! I'll find big money today - I just know it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Drop a Dime

Someone dropped a dime on Park Avenue South near 31st Street. I found it.

Total haul for the day = .10

TOTAL to date = $10.31

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Midnight Money

One Penny found on 13th Street shortly after midnight.

The morning commute coughed up a dime on East 13th Street and then I found yet another penny on Park Avenue at 34th Street at lunch.

Strolling to dinner I found another cent on East 13th Street.

Total haul for the day = .13

TOTAL to date = 10.21

Monday, August 18, 2008


I found a penny earlier today. Combine that with the single dollar bill I found parked on the sidewalk next to a livery car on Lexington near 34th and you've got 101. Hello, Cruella.

I was walking with a friend after lunch and nearly mowed him and the oncoming pedestrians down trying to get to the little single that sat flapping in the summer breeze. "Excuse me," I said, pushing people around, "I just found a dollar." After I plucked it, my (slightly envious) friend made a good point. He said, "You know, that kind of find is all about timing. That dollar hasn't been sitting there for the last hour." It won't be sitting there for the next one either.

And then, I found a dime in the middle of the sidewalk on 4th Avenue between 13th and 14th streets during the evening commute. That means I ran the decimal cycle; .01, .10 and 1.00. With any luck I'll find a 10.00 bill on the evening dog walk.

Total haul for the day = Dalmations + .10 = $1.11

TOTAL to date = $10.08


15th Street had a penny for us this morning while walking the dog.

TOTAL to date = $8.98

Six Cents

August 17, 2008

First day back in New York City and I found six pennies on one block. I love this town.

Total haul for the day .06

TOTAL to date $8.97

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 11, 2008 - Port Townsend, WA

One penny on the floor near the cash register at Sea J's. Amaaaazing fish and chips. They even serve vinegar. And everyone loves their milk shakes.

Total haul for that day = .01

TOTAL to date = $8.91

Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 9, 2008 - Port Orchard, WA

1 penny outside the 76 station off the highway from SEATAC.

I'm in Port Townsend, WA for the week - we;ll see what I can find at the Jeefferson County Fair today.

TOTAL to date = $8.90

Friday, August 8, 2008

One, Two, Three Times a Lincoln

1. I found my first penny in an elevator on Madison Avenue around lunchtime.

2. During the evening commute, while walking my hound, I found a penny in the mulch under a tree on 13th Street near University. You have to look everywhere. Or let everything and anything catch your eye.

My hound looking for spare change in the way of short ribs and chicken wings.

My hound trying to work me over for another teaspoon of cream cheese.

3. Third cent was also found on 13th Street between the service end of Whole Foods (the guys who work on that dock are pretty cool) and the stinky part of Cosi at Broadway. The penny was perched sideways, edge up, on the grille of a subway grate and it was looking committed to a dive. I saved it and now it is safe in my red fat piggy bank and enjoying the company of other little copper Lincolns.

Total haul for the day = .03 (small number but exciting finds)

TOTAL to date = $8.89

Thursday, August 7, 2008


A quarter in Union Square during the evening rush hour. Sitting on the paving stones near enough to some guy's feet for me to wonder if it was his, but not near enough for him to try and claim it! I suppose I could have asked him it it was his but I'm a collector!

Total haul for the day = .25

TOTAL to date = $8.86

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

5 Lil' Lincolns

Okay, now the kid is bringing home spare change. Only three years old and today she found four cents while she was out and about on the town. She found one cent in the bank (she didn't steal it, it was on the floor by the ATM), one in a store, and two on 4th Avenue. Her old mom only found one cent on Madison in the afternoon.

Total Mother-daughter haul for the day = .05

TOTAL haul for the day = $8.66

Monday, August 4, 2008

Are you sitting down?

You might want to grab a chair and hold onto your hat for this one.
More paper!
Big Paper!

After an entirely cashless weekend I was pleased to resume collecting when I found a penny in the gutter just outside my building first thing in the morning. But who cares about that. At some time shortly after noon I found a FIVE DOLLAR BILL in an office building on Madison Avenue. Five bucks. A fin. And as if that wasn't enough, I found four more pennies on Park Avenue South after lunch. One was on the east side of the street at 3 Park Avenue South and the others were on the west at 27, 28, & 29th Streets.

And one late entry coming in under the midnight wire. One more cent found on Broadway in front of the Mavi store south of 13th Street.

Total mind-blowing haul for the day = $5.06

TOTAL to date = $8.61



August 2 & 3
I spent the weekend on a private island and, while a few acorn caps did catch my eye, I did not find any stranded coins.

Friday, August 1, 2008


After a zip-zats-nada day yesterday I was happy to find a little copper joy on the sidewalk next to the little park on Union Sq West between 14th and 15th Sts.

Total haul for the day = .01

TOTAL to date = $3.54