Monday, August 18, 2008


I found a penny earlier today. Combine that with the single dollar bill I found parked on the sidewalk next to a livery car on Lexington near 34th and you've got 101. Hello, Cruella.

I was walking with a friend after lunch and nearly mowed him and the oncoming pedestrians down trying to get to the little single that sat flapping in the summer breeze. "Excuse me," I said, pushing people around, "I just found a dollar." After I plucked it, my (slightly envious) friend made a good point. He said, "You know, that kind of find is all about timing. That dollar hasn't been sitting there for the last hour." It won't be sitting there for the next one either.

And then, I found a dime in the middle of the sidewalk on 4th Avenue between 13th and 14th streets during the evening commute. That means I ran the decimal cycle; .01, .10 and 1.00. With any luck I'll find a 10.00 bill on the evening dog walk.

Total haul for the day = Dalmations + .10 = $1.11

TOTAL to date = $10.08

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