Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heaven 17

I stopped on the steps exiting the Prince Street NRQW station to pick up a penny and then found another in front of the Goth costume store on 4th Avenue.

That means we say good-bye to Sweet 16 and welcome Heaven 17. Does anyone know where the '80s pop band "Heaven 17" got their name? Here's a hint - it's sort of how like Duran Duran got theirs.

UPDATE: Joe, you are correct. "Heaven17" got their name from the Stanley Kubrick film, "A Clockwork Orange." And "Duran Duran" is named after a character in "Barbarella."

In coin news, it's been a big day. After a slow morning, we picked up speed. A trip to Kalustyan's this afternoon hooked me up with two more pennies - one on Lexington near 23rd Street and one on the way home near Madison Square Park dog run.

Later, in the subway, I decided to look on the floor near a news-seller and saw a penny. When I was going for the penny I spotted a dime right in the corner of the door. Nice! I needed a dime today. Maybe even two.

The return trip on the subway took me to another news-seller in Grand Central to ask about a publication. My daughter held up a bag of peanut M&Ms hopefully and revealed a dime. I took the dime and left the candy. My candy-less kid spotted a penny right inside the turnstile and cheered up immediately.

Total haul today = .26

TOTAL to date = $17.25


Joe said...

Your blog has quiz questions too? Awesome!

I believe Heaven 17 took their name from the band in A Clockwork Orange.

What do I win?

Mame said...

We have a winner. Sorry, no prizes, we can't afford them. Maybe when we hit $100,000 we'll print up some Found Moolah piggy banks and send you one!

Meanwhile, thanks for playing!