Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Grimy Gutter Ducats

Cold streets are stingy streets. I didn't find anything yesterday (although I did count at least 25 pennies between the tracks at the 14th St Station of the downtown-bound R/W line) and today has been a challenge. I've done a lot of walking in the cold, I've been in a taxi, and I've been on the subway but so far all I have found were two nasty cents.

Near the sewer drain at 13th and Broadway I spotted two suspicious circles. The salt on the road oxidized the copper to a greenish white and the usual soot did a real number on these two pennies; they were just circles the size of pennies until I could pick them up and confirm. My fingers got so dirty that I didn't put my mitten back on and that's saying something. But I got my two cents.

Total haul for the day = .02

TOTAL to date = $17.30

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