Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nickel on the Loose

The cold weather has made stingy streets but this morning I walked out onto the sidewalk and into a shiny clean nickel (it was in the water coming off my building, which was being washed).

UPDATE:  Hard Eight - I found three more pennies, which gets me to .08 for the day so far. One penny near Utrecht on 4th Ave, another at Astor Place, and the third - at least I think it's a penny, I've never seen a chipped one before - at Houston and Chrystie.

Lincoln, is that you?

LATER UPDATE:  Found a penny parked outside of Kmart.

LATEST UPDATE:  Found two more pennies at the dog run, prompting the piggy banks to ask for a bath.

Total haul today = .11

TOTAL to date = $16.96


Joe said...

Just wondering, have you ever found any really old coins?

Mame said...

By old, do you mean prior to the Carter Administration? You know, I don't think I've ever even found a wheat penny, let alone an ancient gold ducat. I have found foreign coins, but nothing old.

I'll keep looking.

Joe said...

You are incredibly quick with your comment response time. I'm impressed!

Mame said...

I found three more cents since that post!