Sunday, March 1, 2009

No Golfing on Uncle Sam's Dime

One bank that received bail out funds has decided it might be better to pay the government back asap rather than have Uncle Sam checking every receipt.

Apparently the government and the tax payers don't think that bail-out money should be spent on the links.

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nino said...

The CEOs and Heads of major banks and big corporations cut jobs in cold blood but they are not cold-blooded species, so they can't adapt to their environment when it changes. When the environment changes to a recession and money stops flowing, they don't get it and they still want to keep their lavish lifestyle, fly their private jets (even when going to beg money) and have their extravagant entertainments in place.
They are screwing Uncle Sam with their own version of Capitalism, I hope that Aunt Liberty stays safe.