Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pennies in the Tulips

This year's Tulip Patrol reports that our tulips in Union Sq are only up about 4 inches, but soon they will look like these over-achievers shot at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden last spring. I found a penny by the flower beds in Union Square park this morning, next to a pink, bald, partially chewed, dead squab (baby pigeon).

Total haul for the day = .01

TOTAL to date = $20.45

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nino said...

If you find a penny by a tulip, they call it "Tulipenny" in italian :)
I dropped a penny last night and it started rolling. I panicked that, like other lost Canadian coins, it might end up in Mame's jar. So I ran after it and grabbed it while others were looking at me like "What the ...???"

I'm going to write a musical about it and call it "Man From La Canada":

This is my quest, to follow that coin,
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far,
(yeah, ok, I suck at rhymes)
.. etc