Monday, March 2, 2009

HSBC - 24 Hour Barking

Trouble in that former paradise, Hong Kong. Hang Seng Bank is reporting a 22.7% dip in profits and hanging it on the global banking environment. One executive even got canned.

There's a blizzard going on and I'm not going out so I won't find anything but a bit of financial news today.

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nino said...

If you let weather condition stop you from coin hunting, you can never reach your 100K limit.

In my case, I'm more focused on weekends because during the weekdays, when I commute to work, it doesn't look good if you run for a penny and then jump up and down out of excitement in a business suit.

However I was off today and I found a rusty-looking, fossilized, decolorized US penny on my way to ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). It was so old that I wouldn't be surprised if Smithsonian claimed it. It was as if it's been touched even more than Paris Hilton. It's kind of a penny that you assume John Booth had used to practice shooting before heading to Ford theatre, because there is practically no sign of Lincoln's head on it!. But I kept it anyway. After all, it's still a penny