Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama Skateboard - Cash Only

This was in a woman's clothing store in the 80's near Lexington Avenue. Obama in his Obamaman suit, ready to shred.

I guess everyone is saving their pennies for this, because there were none to be found.

Total haul today = naught

TOTAL to date = $19.87

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nino said...

I found a penny today but didn't pick it up (Did you just pass out? oh God I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have posted such news. I feel like an idiot - did a dog just bark?)

It was windy and cold and although I'm committed to no-coin-left-behind policy but I couldn't afford an interrupt.
(BTW, what happened to the award-winning Global Warming? When is it going to "invade" Canada and "liberate" us from the cold??)