Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dog Walk Keeps Hope Alive

So far today - nothing! Let's hope the dog walk scares up something so I don't have to post a big goose egg up in this B.

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nino said...

No coins yet? Take my advice then:
If you wanna be a good coin hunter, you should "think" like coin, "act" like a coin and "move" like a coin. You should find their natural habitat, that's usually far from homeless gatherings and close to dogs p-spots (those are the spots that dogs choose to pee). Then move slowly so you don't scare them off. When you know you are close enough, target one, quickly grab it by the neck and press it firmly. It may struggle between your fingers for few seconds but don't panic, it stops moving very soon.
Note that street coins are isolated species and they usually live alone or in small groups up to three coins. If you see a bunch of them in one place which sounds too good to be true, it's not normal and can be a sign of danger. Don't do anything, just turn back silently and leave the area as quickly as possible, otherwise you may end up on a Candid Camera !!
Good luck with your hunt.