Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I found just one little penny today on Broadway near Prince near Metalarc, who was looking very cool.

UPDATE: Late night dog walk yielded four pennies. They were so obviously chucked at a tree by someone who pulled them out of their pocket and then said, "Ew. Money," and then threw them.

Total haul for the day = .05

TOTAL to date = $19.47


Joe said...

Are you planning any sort of special celebration for when you crack the $20 mark?

The Humphery Family said...

You're coming up on your first twenty, Mame! Pretty soon you'll be finding a $20 bill watch! :)

Mame said...

Too bad I've already spent what I've found or I could treat myself to a burrito and a beer. I will celebrate by drawing a special Found Money commemorative banner. I guess I should start designing it now.