Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Pair

Two more cents found outside of a charity store on East 12th Street.

UPDATE: I see dead people. I found the six cents while walking the dog. We found a nickel by a lamppost in Union Square and then another penny.

Total haul for the day = .09

TOTAL do date = $19.39 and we are creeping out of the depression years.


nino said...

That's interesting, I found TWO pairs today. Well, actually they weren't paired originally, but by the power vested in me, I prononunced them "coin and coin" on the spot and they are living happily ever after. (No wonder coins move to Canada, here all sorts of marriages are legal)

Mark 28th of Feb the "World Pair Coin Day"

Mame said...

So be it. February 28 is "World Pair Coin Day" in US and Canada at least.

And what a nice way to end a crappy month. Good-bye and good riddance February. The next time I see you again, I hope I am in Mexico.

nino said...

Mexico, eh? There are many illegal immigrant Mexican coins in California, they are all similar and have one name: "Peso" (another proof that everybody was made from Adam and Eve, in your face Darwin).

Yeah, you need to expand your territory if you want more coins: "Somewhere over the rainbow ...."

Death said...

Off Bedford Ave and 6th I found two one-hundred dollar bills this past year. I thought they were fake, but the pizza and record shops didn't. Good luck on your quest!

Mame said...

On the same day or at separate times!? That's incredible.

nino said...

If same place same day, that must be the left over of a bank robbery or something.
If same place separate times, that place is the holy grail of money finding. Mame, have you dog pee around that area and mark it as his (her?) territory. It's worth it.

Death said...

Same time.