Friday, February 27, 2009

A Pair

I found two pennies today in Union Square. They are happy to be reunited after having spent some time apart.

Total haul for the day = .02

TOTAL to date = $19.31


nino said...

Nice to know that you play a matchmaker role for lonely pennies. Because of you there is a hope in coin world. They light candles for you and their moms wish their children "May God put your fate in the hands of that lady who walks the streets, with that creature that's unknown to us, to reunite us once more" ... and then we see a close-up of the kid coin's face with a tear and then a fade-out to "Fin" and movie ends here (all in B/W, released by RKO).

BTW, I'm interpreting the picture as a new "elephant" joke: How do you get two elephants in to a piggy bank?

Mame said...

Ooh, maybe I'll get sainted one day!

Tell them there's mud at the bottom?

nino said...

hee hee,
Ave Mameia

Mame said...

BTW, Nino, your COINcidence pun nearly got you kicked off of this thing. Bad puns are my job! I loved it.

nino said...

Mame, so you "punish" me just because of a "pun"? Would you "vanish" me if I had a "van"??

No more puns any more, I swear. Don't let me go please, except for hundreds of thousands of other web sites I have no other site to go to.

My spiritual life depends on internet (one of my home-made commandments orders "Thou Shalt Surf The Web"). So don't kill me. I am not Susan Hayward, but "I Want To Live" ...