Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brother, Can You Spare a Nine?

Nine dollar bill, that is, not a nine millimeter. I think he looks even better on the money.

Order yours for a buck here. Or you can order another kind for .30 here. There's no shortage of President Barack Obama funny money. I'll showcase more on days when I come up short of spare change.

This is the only money I've found so far today and I paid $1.00 for it at Ricky's.


Anonymous said...

I hope that's not how they funded the stimulus poackage ;)

President Obama visited Canada last week and I had an opportunity to see him from a distance. Although it's sometimes painful for guys to admit that other guys are better looking (!!) but hey, let's face it, he is quite handsome as a president.

nino said...

Finally I stopped thinking about what island to buy with my found coins and decided to spend some time creating an account so I don't post my comments under "Anonymous" anymore and… oh shoot, I picked "Anonymous" as my account name, let me fix it now…

Okay lady, here we are. Someone from Canada is going to watch your progress (and no, it's not a Boeing-loving goose nor a Palin-fearing moose). I hope you hit the 100K in my lifetime so I can post a comment to say "Congrats, eh!"

Until then, keep looking and good luck.

Mame said...

Yay, Nino! Thanks for signing up, following along and adding comments. Good to have you here with us.