Monday, February 2, 2009

Union Square with CNN

Back in action today when I found one penny during the morning dog walk. There were Parks employees using a leaf blower to gather all the salt leftover from the snow and ice of the last few weeks. Maybe next time they shouldn't dump so much. I think the blowing uncovered the penny.

UPDATE: Richard Roth and his crew from CNN - the talented and dog-loving Mr. Shine and the lovely Carla (good luck with the internship!) - came with me and Mishka on a walk today to see if I could scare up some spare change. After coming up empty on 4th Ave and 13th and 14th Streets I felt like the North-west side of Union Square park could be good. 13 cents good! I found one very corroded dime, a corroded penny and, then another very shiny penny right next to someone's foot (she didn't seem to mind that I picked it up, but maybe the camera intimidated her from saying anything).

Then Richard started bragging about how he was going to find a quarter so we kept walking and I found another penny on 13th Street. Richard didn't find anything but a fun story, I hope. Thanks, Roth & Crew, Mishka and I had a great time.

When the story gets posted online I'll put a link here. Should be sometime between the 5th and 13th of February.

SECOND UPDATE: More pennies found on street and one on the bus.

Total haul today = .18

TOTAL to date = $18.10

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