Monday, July 28, 2008

Paper Jack-Pot!

12:37 a.m. It's only a single but it's still worth a celebration. Paper finds are rare. I found a sawbuck on E 80th Street in June (before I started the blog) while walking over to the Met. And during a hard spring rain I found a double sawbuck wrapped in a Circuit City receipt on 4th Avenue, so it is possible.

This little single was hanging out under the curb on 4th Avenue near 14th Street. My guess is that it fell out of one of the many SUVs that pulled up to unload from fun weekends in the sun. The types of trips made by people who wouldn't miss a dollar. Or maybe a drunk dropped it. Who knows, who cares, now it's mine!

Update: 11:07 a.m. One penny found in front of 3 Park Avenue South.
Update: 5:41 p.m. Another cent found on the corner of Spring and Broadway.

Total haul today = $1.02

TOTAL to date = $3.38

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