Friday, July 4, 2008

July 3 and July 4 - Still in Provincetown

When you think you may have finally met the day that offers no found money - head to the liquor store. I found a penny wedged between the sidewalk and the metal plate of the door (I think it's called a 'saddle'). I nearly got trampled when I stopped to pick it up because the July Fourth revellers from all over the Cape were anxious to stock up before the fireworks.

Then I found three crusty old pennies in the back yard.

Day's haul = 4 Independent cents

TOTAL to date = $1.07

I found a penny and a dime under someone's clothesline today. That's a good place to look for spare change - same as looking in the dryer.

Day's haul = 11 cents

TOTAL to date = $1.03

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