Thursday, July 24, 2008

Copper Sandwich

I did some hoofing this morning and didn't see as much as a bottle cap. I was worried it would be another zero sum day. The evening commute cured that.

On Madison Avenue, halfway across 30th Street in the north crosswalk, I found a penny. No big deal, right?

Then on the ramp up the curb from the crosswalk over 29th Street, also on Madison, I saw something small and silver. Could it be? Oh, yes it could and it is - a dime.

And then on Broadway between 20th and 21st Streets on the east side of the street, another penny to complete the copper sandwich.

Total haul for the day = a promising 12 cents

TOTAL to date = a whopping $1.80

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icapture said...

What do you do with this wealth?