Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Might Have to Hire Movers

I'm in Provincetown for a week and I'm finding so much change I might have to hire movers to get it all back to New York. Yesterday, July 1st, I found a dime, a nickel, and a penny on the Lucky Star/Fung Wah bus from NYC to Boston (I guess the fare is so cheap that people don't care about dropping change). You *know* the bus cleaning crew was bummed out that I found all the change before they did. That's 16 cents right there.

Then, in P-town I found a dime on the sidewalk at Portuguese Sq around supper time and there was a nickel on the bed stand in my room at the Burch House. That's 31 cents for the July 1 total.

Then on the morning of July 2 there was a penny in the garden at Burch House and *another* nickel under the bed. Drunk tooth fairy? Who knows but I hauled in 37 cents in two days on vacation. Not enough to pay for the room but enough to fatten my greedy little piggy bank.

Total Haul for July 1 & 2 = 37 cents

TOTAL to date = 92 cents (almost a dollar!)

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