Saturday, July 26, 2008


9:51 a.m. Grand Central Station Zaro's, a dime on the floor in front of the glass case of pastries.

3:47 p.m. Grand Central Station platform of Track 29, a quarter hiding among all the silver bolts holding down the rubber safety yellow at the edge of the platform.

5:17 Broadway just north of 17th Street on the east side in front of GoodBurger, a penny.

5:18 Union Square North at Broadway, ANOTHER dime near that "Gentleman Grafter" Joe Ades who sells vegetable peelers and who has appeared in Vanity Fair. He saw me bend down and get the dime and I know he wanted it but it was way too far from him to claim. It was practically in 17th Street.

Total bank-breaking haul for the day = 46 cents

TOTAL to date = $2.36

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Ken Mankoff said...

Is that the first quarter? I think so. You should celebrate? Good thing I didn't place a bet for when you'd reach two bills as requested yesterday, I would have put it at two weeks out or so...