Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ugly But True

I passed this coin in the dirt yesterday here on 118th but couldn't stop to pick it up because I was carrying my 54-pound sleeping wonder. Today I saw it again and was happy to see that it is (barely) a nickel. Also found a penny in the subway station.

At jury duty today a guy in front of me dropped a bunch of change but all the do-gooders helped him recover it. Maybe I'll find something this afternoon near the Astor case which is being held down the hall - with paparazzi and the works.

Total haul for the day = .06

TOTAL to date = $24.94


nino said...

bad coins bad coins, whatcha gonna do?
whatcha gonna do when Mame comes for you.
bad coins bad coins, whatcha gonna do?

Mame said...

Nino, you carry a tune much better than I do.

nino said...

Mame, it was the theme from the TV series "COINS" (every Friday, 8 PM ET on Phox)