Monday, September 22, 2008


This morning I picked up a really grungy penny from next to a garbage can at Park Ave and 34th. A very well-dressed man talking on his cell-phone was clearly horrified by my pick-up. Well, lucky for him he's the last employed guy in NYC - does he have to sneer at the rest of us?

Later I found two more pennies on Park Avenue and nearly got into a scrap fetching one of them that had been simultaneously spotted by someone else. I called it so I got it - playground rules a apply and it's nice when people follow the rules.

And then I found one at the turnstile coming out of the 14th Street subway station and then another on 4th Avenue at 13th Street.

That makes five little Lincolns for the day.

Total haul today - .05

TOTAL to date = $11.86

We'll be $12 soon!

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