Friday, September 5, 2008

The Elusive Five Cent Piece

I found a nickel. I rarely find nickels. I find nickels as often as I find paper.

This nickel was on the sidewalk at night but kept getting passed over because all the pedestrians were decked out in their finery and either didn't want to split their pants trying to pick it up or couldn't figure out how to bend down that low without flashing the world. Or maybe they were all just looking up. Any way you slice it, I'm five cents richer. Well, six cents richer, really, because I found a penny in my building's elevator this morning.

If you find a penny in your building you don't put up a flyer asking if someone lost it. How much money would you have to find before the thought entered your mind that *someone* - if not you - would post a notice about it? $500? More?

Total haul for the day = .06

TOTAL to date = $10.98

We'll be 11 soon!

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