Monday, September 8, 2008

Eagle-Eyed Toddler Strikes Again

Now that she's seen me find money in the subway and since we count change down on the tracks while waiting for trains, my girl is all about finding money when we ride the 'subway train' in NYC. Tonight she found two pennies (right next to each other - they often hang out in pairs) on a packed platform. I enjoyed the horrified looks from people as we stopped, stooped, and picked up the grimy cents. We're collectors!

Then I found a cleverly hidden dime in the big silver turnstile on the way out.

Total haul for the day .12

TOTAL to date = $11.14


Ming said...

Wow! This is wonderful! You're only $99988.86 away!

Mame said...

Correction, wise-guy, $99988.81! I found five more pennies today, see.