Sunday, July 12, 2009

U-Haul Ten Cents

I found a dime near a U-Haul lot and thought this picture of a walrus on the side of one of their trucks was funny. That's a ten cent laugh for you.

Don't hate me, but I did not pickup a shiny penny and a nickel on the subway yesterday.

I was too tired from playing football and rollerblading. I haven't been that physical since I was five years old breaking rocks on a chain gang.

Please note, I'm done with the football and whiffle ball and Frisbee and rollerblading for a while because they're cutting into my riches. When catching the game-winning Hail Mary pass costs you six cents because you're too tired to bend over and pick them up - it's time to rethink your priorities.

Well, you can count on me. I'm going for sure riches over uncertain health benefits and probable injuries. To hell with Frisbee and football.

And I'll leave whiffle ball to the Beastie Boys.

Total haul for the last few days = .10 and some sore muscles

TOTAL to date = $26.02

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