Monday, July 6, 2009

Love for MJ in Harlem

Dry as a bone here in Harlem today but raining copper. And Nickel. We found 17 pennies and one nickel walking along 125th Street, which is one long Michael Jackson memorial. People must be so busy looking at all the Michael Jackson memorabilia that they don't care if they drop money.

The best MJ tribute was a huge tarp that had a close-up of Michael's face from the Thriller album (with tiger cheated in) airbrushed onto it and a guy with a camera charging people to have their portrait taken in front of the tarp. I may go back this weekend and get my photo taken there.

We add the whopping .22 we found today to the paltry .03 found over the weekend in Virginia and we have a nice round .25 cents.

Total haul today = .25 and some love for MJ, RIP

TOTAL to date = $25.98

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