Thursday, November 13, 2008

Drug Money

A bunch of junkies hang out on the eastern side of Union Square Park. One would assume that they would pick up spare change but they would have to see it first. I found a penny by an uninhabited bench in that area - before my dog peed on it.

FYI, I keep my coins separate at home. Pennies and nickels share a red ceramic piggy bank (lower bank in image), quarters get the big midcentury pig, and dimes get their own modern orange plastic pig that is nearly spherical. Here's a sketch of the three. They live on a shelf near the front door.

Lightning, or rather, quarters, strike twice in the same spot! Mere feet from where I found a quarter near a crowded bench in Union Square over the summer, I found *another* quarter. This time the benches were empty because it was raining and the quarter was mixed in with the fall leaves.

Total haul for the day = .26

TOTAL to date = $14.27

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