Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just Pennies

Since I found a paycheck over the summer I have had less time to post about finding pennies but today was noteworthy (and a recent mention in the Coffee News in Monroe MI - thanks Yvette!) I'm inspired to post again.

We had a recent snowstorm that yielded us some pennies as the snow melted.

Today was two dimes (people don't like it pick up wet money but I think it's cleaner, right?) and six pennies from 118 Street to the 116 subway station and then back. Yesterday was the most gruesome and dirtiest find in the subway - one penny that my daughter and I had to reach through the gate to get out of a pile of grime. It was nasty and those gloves are in the laundry.

I am going to estimate we've found about $1.32 since our last post (there were three quarters in there). I think that's a conservative estimate.

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