Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nickel & Dimed

People don't stop to pick up coins during a down pour. In the strong rains that have continued of late, we've swooped down and collected $1.12. And a cat whom we've named Nova. When he blinks we see cent signs in his eyes.

Total haul for the last ten days = $1.12 and a cat with orange eyes.

TOTAL to date $27.51


thorsten said...

you kept him? cool.
You know how I love cats.

JK said...

What is "this idiot" going to think when he comes back from his vacation?

Mame said...

The Idiot will probably not be thrilled with the new management but he will be happy to have a new furry roommate - he LOVES cats, he just doesn't want one for a boss.

twincapes said...

Good on ya! and congrats on the cat. Thats a find that will pay you back with love and companionship. Keep up the good work.