Monday, May 25, 2009

Cyclone Coin/Bone Shaker

I found a few pennies near the World Famous Cyclone at Coney Island. At first I thought they were shaken out of the pockets of people on the ride, but I was wrong. The only thing that ride shakes is your bones and brain. Holy crap, it's a rickety, jaggedy, jerky old thing. Next time I get up the EIGHT BUCKS to ride it, I will wear a helmet and neck brace. The pennies must've been placed there by people making offerings to the gods in hope of surviving the Cyclone.

The image above is part of the cattle-pen entrance to the Death Trap on Wheels.

Coney Island find on Saturday = .05

Other total from the rest of the week = .17 (Pennies and a nickel, mostly in Harlem. Not a single day without at least two cents)

Total haul since last Monday = .22 (and a sore, bone-crunched neck)

TOTAL to date = $24.03

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