Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1+1+Mystery Coin

In central Park, near the Diana Ross Playground at 81st Street, I found a small copper coin that looked to be a penny but came up too small. It's a Euro cent. I thought the US was criticized for keeping pennies around (I'd hate to imagine what my life would be like if they cancelled them) so why would they be introduced with a new tender such as the Euro? Are there so many things one can purchase on the streets of Madrid, Rome, and Paris that cost three cents? 

Well, I guess they come in handy for tipping European style.

Then I found two pennies on the welcome mat at 100 W 33rd Street. The security guys at reception didn't share my enthusiasm. Or they were disappointed that I saw them first.

Total haul for the day = .02 US

TOTAL to date = US $15.09

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